PCN Preschool

At PCN Preschool, our desire is to impact the lives of children and their families by providing a quality education in a safe & Christ-centered environment, introduce students to the Savior, Jesus Christ and encouraging them to grow spiritually, socially, intellectually and physically.

We aspire to teach children that our God is a personal God, that the Bible is His Word, to love each other and love Jesus above all.


PCN Preschool uses Creative, High Reach and The Gospel Project for Preschoolers Curriculums. These curriculums are a mix of hands on, interactive, faith based, developmentally appropriate, art, writing, science, sensory and reading activities. We provide opportunities which enable each child to have an awareness of God from people, things and experiences that are a part of his/her world.

Preschool Goals

1) To introduce children to our Savior, Jesus

2) To encourage children to grow spiritually, 
    emotionally, socially, intellectually and


3) To strive for excellence in all areas.


4) To instill Godly values by example of how
    we live our lives.


5) To teach early childhood education lessons
     necessary to prepare each child for

Tuition Fees

Child's Age



One Year Olds

Two Year Olds

Three Year Olds

Pre K / Fours


School Age

Full Time

Monday to Friday

6:30 AM to 6:00 PM

$167.50 / Week

$138.00 / Week


$132.50 / Week

$121.00 / Week

$121.00 / Week

Full Week

$110.00 Summer School Breaks

Drop in fee

$40.00 daily

Part Time

Mon., Wed., Fri.

6:30 AM to 6:00 PM


$102.00 / Week

$98.50 / Week

$93.50 / Week

$93.50 / Week

Part Time

After School


Part Time

Tuesday & Thursday

6:30 AM to 6:00 PM


$71.00 / Week

$68.00 / Week


$67.00 / Week


$67.00 / Week

Registration Fees


School Year &

Summer Fee


PCN requires a non-refundable annual registration fee of $60.00. This fee will hold you child's spot.

Multi-Child Discount

We offer 10% off tuition of the oldest child!

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